You can get a Squid Game coloring book, because why not?


If someone you know enjoyed watching Netflix squid gameThis is for you!!

I was at my local target the other day minding my own business and came across this Squid Game coloring book.

It’s all your favorite moments from the show in blank coloring pages (minus the blood and gore).

With inspiring character-based images without all the show’s violence, interesting quotes, and playful take on the number system, this book is ideal for anyone who loves to color and wants to get closer to the show’s characters.

The Unofficial Squid Game Coloring Book incorporates all the memorable and favorite moments and motifs everywhere.

Some of the picture quotes you can color:

  • “I’m good at everything except the things I can’t do.”
  • “Good rain knows the best time to fall.”
  • “You don’t trust people here because you can. You do it because you have no one else.
  • “We’ve already come too far to end it now.”
  • “Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they will play with you.

With single-sided printing, each coloring page has a decorative back to separate characters, numbers and patterns. Coloring illustrations include:

  • A bag of marbles
  • The umbrella cookie
  • The red light green light robot
  • Characters with their designated numbers
  • The card to join the game
  • The Mask of the Game Orchestrator

The Unofficial Squid Game Coloring Book is perfect for anyone who loves the show and with Season 2 on the way, it would make a great gift!

You can grab the Squid Game Coloring Book at Target or Amazon for $10.38 here.


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