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XTEND, an intuitive human-powered, AI-powered drone system that enables operators to undertake complex missions more safely, today announced it has raised $ 20 million in equity as part of its fundraising Series A. This round was led by Chartered Group with input from early investors including: Lool Ventures, I3 Equity Partners, TPY Ventures, TAU Ventures, Surround Ventures, Homeward Ventures, NFX and Top Ventures. The funding will allow XTEND to meet aggressive demand, accelerate its market traction with existing and new customers, and accelerate the development of its next-generation drone operating system for range and applications. multi-drones in defense and commercial spaces.

XTEND was founded in late 2018 by two-time Emmy Award-winning entrepreneurs, Aviv and Matteo Shapira, which previously sold Replay Technologies to Intel, Rubi liani, founder of the Israeli Drone Racing League and defense and drone specialist Adir Tubi. In search of the next market disruption, the team developed a unique and patented drone operating system (called XOS) and platforms, which optimize and merge both human judgment and edge-based artificial intelligence to enable a next-level human-machine team. Controlled through a unique virtual reality user interface, XOS harnesses cutting-edge augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology and enables operators to immerse themselves in remote, high-risk, GPS-free locations, enabling maximum efficiency with minimal risk.

“This round of funding allows XTEND to extend our truly unique and innovative operating system, which enables anyone to perform highly accurate interactive missions in complex dynamic environments with zero learning time, making human-centered telepresence idea a reality. This is another big step towards removing the “human risk factor” from dangerous warfare and tactical combat and homeland security scenarios, ”said Aviv Shapira, co-founder and CEO of XTEND.

XTEND’s advanced drone operating system allows any operator to expertly control a drone in extreme indoor and outdoor scenarios, including intercepting a 150 km / h rogue drone at an airport, allowing operators to firefighters find survivors inside a collapsed building and replace the relationship of mine clearance teams with Improvised Explosive Devices. The significant reduction in time and costs allows for increased efficiency and competence, while saving money and, most importantly, lives. As the technology simplifies the way users remotely control and experience robotic systems, the ease of use also makes the XTEND solution available to every operator, increasing potential business deployment, total addressable market for solutions, and operational impact. got.

“XTEND has developed the winning trifecta for drones: the most advanced drone operating system, the most intuitive on-screen display and drones capable of flying both indoors and outdoors. . After observing the remarkable achievements of XTEND so far, we truly believe in its potential to become the global leader in tactical telepresence, ”said Eyal Agmoni, Founder and Chairman of Chartered Group.

US Department of Defense Special Forces and Israel Defense Ministry level 1 units have selected XTEND for several multi-million dollar programs to develop and deliver operational evaluation systems. With more than 300 systems deployed worldwide, XTEND systems save everyday lives by enabling users to perform complex tasks without a physical presence.

EXTEND inc. is a venture-backed company with a unique blend of people and capabilities – combining operational experience and technical ingenuity to create cutting-edge solutions that can be used by every soldier or officer. The company is headquartered in Fort Walton, Florida, with a sales office in Washington DC and an R&D center in Israel. XTEND systems are deployed to help combatants win the mission and return home safely.



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