WATCH: Rishab Shetty clarifies petrol bomb explosion on Hero sets; He says it wasn’t a publicity stunt


Rishab Shetty injured himself while filming some action scenes on set for his upcoming movie, Hero. The incident happened during the confinement while the film was being shot in Belur. Fire caught fire on Rishab Shetty’s sets and back as they were shooting for the film in July in a private area of ​​a forest region. The video was the same leaked online and soon speculation started making rounds that it was a publicity stunt.

Sharing a video of him clarifying the incident that happened on the sets of Hero, the actor wrote in Kannada, which loosely translates, “It was an event during the filming of Hero. The kindness and blessing of God for you all will not be damaged in any way By this I open myself to all speculation Always love you all.

“I suffered some injuries to my head (burnt hair) and my back due to the explosion of a Molotov cocktail during the filming of a scene. We had taken all safety precautions and despite the accident, luckily there was no serious damage done. But the video is definitely not a publicity stunt. If we had known it would cause so much discussion, we would have released it even before the trailer (laughs ).It got mixed in with the rest of our making videos that were being shared with the news channels,” he said in the video.

Watch the video below:

Director Bharath Raj M Hero released today March 5 and it opened to a positive response from audiences and critics on social media.


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