Was The Omen really a cursed production?


Pop quiz – what to do The Exorcist, Fighting spirit, The crow, Rosemary’s baby, and the recording of Iron Maidenit is The number of the beast have in common? All are, allegedly, cursed, where inexplicable phenomena and strange circumstances seemed to plague the production. While some argue that most events are just circumstances, nothing more, the nature and frequency make it quite difficult to shake.

Which brings us to the omen, one of the most popular in a series of films where the Devil got his due. The plot of the film is relatively simple: a little boy taken in by a diplomat and his wife turns out to be the Antichrist, and all kinds of death and misfortune surround him. But that’s Hollywood, right? Yes, but the sheer number and uniqueness of behind-the-scenes events in the evil movie would tempt even the most skeptical believers to order a crucifix from Amazon ASAP. Still, dear reader, you need some convincing, don’t you? Alright then – you have been warned.



Let’s start in September 1975. Lead actor Gregory Peck was flying to London, and during the flight lightning struck the plane. Weird, yes, but it’s not unheard of. Shortly thereafter, executive producer Mace Neufeldthe plane was too struck by lightning on his way to Los Angeles. That’s twice in just a few weeks. So, writer David SelzerThe plane was also struck by lightning. And, while filming in Rome, lightning just missed striking producer Harvey Bernard. Lightning may never strike twice, but four times, and to different people of whom only six degrees of separation at the time were the omen? It’s strange.

Plane crash

Speaking of planes, Peck was probably thrilled to have his own struck by lightning instead of what might have happened in a separate event. The planned filming of an action scene was delayed, which happens. This meant that Peck was not needed on set, so a private jet that the crew would charter to bring Peck in was not necessary. The next day, news arrived that must have sent shivers down the spines of the entire cast and crew. The plane they intended to book hit a flock of birds and crashed, killing everyone on board. Although it was quite tragic, the plane hit a car traveling along the road as it came down, killing everyone in the car. But wait, there’s more. The people in the car? The wife and two children of the pilot of the plane.

IRA attacks

At the time of filming, London was under a series of IRA-triggered explosions, so it was unfortunately not uncommon. What was rare were two incidents that, again, hit people associated with the film. Mace Neufeld, probably already nervous after his plane was struck by lightning, planned eat at a nearby restaurant, but apparently no places were available after being destroyed by a bomb. The day after the shoot, the hotel this manager Richard Donner had stayed was also bombed. Still not convinced?

Animal attacks

What if we told you that puppies, monkeys and a cat were dragged into the curse? No, cute little animals couldn’t be involved. What if you were told the truth, and it was Rottweilers, baboons and a lion? The Rottweilers who were used to represent the Hellhounds would often turn around and attack their own trainers, and seriously injure the stuntman Terry Walsh despite his preparations. A scene from the film where Kathy Thorn (Lee Remick) and Damian (Harvey Spencer Stephens) walk through a safari park and are attacked by baboons is made horribly alive by Remick’s terrified reaction. Great acting? No (although she is excellent in the film) – the baboons were so vicious, her reactions to the film are absolute terror. The day after this scene was filmed saw the death of a zookeeper in the mouth of a lion (some sources say tiger, but split hair on that one).

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Car accident

The most tragic event, however, would occur Liz Mooreassistant of John Richardson who was the special effects designer for the film. The couple were driving through the Netherlands and, en route, were involved in a terrible car accident. Richardson escaped with minor injuries, but Moore was decapitated by a tire that slammed into their car. This fact is sickening enough, but there is an appalling parallel to the film itself. In one scene, a photographer who helps Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck) research Damien’s origins, Keith Jennings (David Warnerlisten)) is killed when he is decapitated by a piece of glass falling from a construction vehicle while driving. And if this wasn’t scary enough, the accident happened on August 13, 1976 – FridayAugust 13 – by a road sign (allegedly) which indicated that it was 66.6 kilometers from Ommen City.

Other incidents in the 21st century would suggest that the curse of the omen still has bite. In 2005, while filming a documentary on the curse, the producer Alan Tyler confessed that two different film crews, in two different locations, had exactly the same technical difficulties with the footage they filmed. And in 2006, the the remake of the film had two separate incidents. The first actor has arrived Pete PostlethwaiteThe brother of , who died suddenly after (allegedly) being dealt three sixes in a game of poker. The second incident saw footage from the scene where the actor Liev Schreiber find the devil’s birthmark on Damien (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick), some 13,500 feet of film, are inexplicably destroyed during processing. Hoping that the recently announced first omen, the omen prequel and first entry in the franchise in 15 years, fares better.

There you have it, a source of incidents that testify to your need for convincing evidence. And even if one were to cautiously say that 50% of these incidents are explainable coincidences, while still leaves a large number of very strange, very frightening and, in some cases, deeply tragic events with the omen at the center of everything. Fortunately, the curse of the omen doesn’t seem to extend to people writing about it, so yours truly seems to be around these parts for a longha0ihdan; aady8z……


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