United States sets up first production unit to extend lifespan of “Gravity Bomb” nuclear weapons



Washington: The US government has successfully set up its first production unit (FPU) to extend the operational life of the national B61 arsenal of directly dropped nuclear weapons or “gravity bombs,” National Nuclear said Security Administration (NNSA) in a press release.

“The US Department of Energy’s NNSA successfully completed the B61-12 Life Extension Program (LEP) FPU on November 23, 2021,” the statement said Thursday. “The B61-12 LEP helps modernize America’s nuclear weapons stockpile and maintain the nation’s aerial nuclear deterrence capability.”

The nuclear security company, in close coordination with the U.S. Air Force, worked together to deliver the B61-12 FPU after more than nine years of component design, development, qualification and production, the NNSA said. .

“With this program, we are delivering to the Department of Defense a system that improves accuracy and reduces performance without changing military characteristics, while improving safety, security and reliability,” said Jill Hruby, Under Secretary at Energy for Nuclear Security and administrator of the NNSA. noted.

The B61-12 LEP reuses or replaces all components of the bomb to extend its life by at least 20 years. The NNSA plans to begin full-scale production in May 2022 and complete all necessary production in fiscal year (FY) 2026, ”said Charles Verdon, NNSA deputy administrator for defense programs.



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