Uganda: Eyewitness testimony – My narrow escape from the Parliamentary Avenue bombing



I am still traumatized and terrified by the experience we had today (Tuesday November 16) and what I saw.

Family, I hope you are all well.

I am still traumatized and terrified by the experience we had today (Tuesday November 16) and what I saw.

We were meeting in the meeting room of the Ministry of ICT, next to the Jubilee building which houses IGG and opposite Raja Chambers when the explosions on Parliamentary Avenue also took place.

The house where we were shaken, windows broke, broken glass cut people off, but we were able to get out into safe areas.

There was a bomb attack at the headquarters of @MoICT_Ug. We are all safe. A few colleagues were injured by windows and flying debris.

Detailed information will be communicated to you later!

@ HasonMutunzi1

– Hon. Kabbyanga Godfrey Baluku Kiime (@KabbyangaB) November 16, 2021

Outside, the journalist’s instinct took hold of me and I walked around.

From the precinct of the Ministry of ICT to the main avenue of parliament outside, on the hoods of vehicles and above the cars parked along Parliamentare avenue, on the sidewalks, parts of the body, including included human flesh and pieces of bone, strewn freely all over the place, while several Government cars caught fire.

I saw a lifeless person lying outside the IPS building which houses the IGG.

Civilians and uniformed police officers were bleeding.

It was a terrible day. We thank God that you are all safe.

Surprisingly, I wanted to park in the empty space next to the IGG parking lot and in front of Raja Chambers as I rushed for the meeting at the Ministry of ICT. Officers told me the space was reserved for IGG vehicles.

Then the void in front of Raja was smaller and could not contain my car which is longer.

Getting out after the explosion and finding the IGG escort cars on fire really traumatized me.

Seeing human flesh strewn over a space of over 30 meters really depressed me.

I saw this big Raja Chambers building shaking left and right like a tree branch. It was so scary.

Now, however, my car and other people have all been refused exit until security cleared them. I am home and safe now.

We are always on the move with death around us. Whoever has the heart to sit down and plan and execute such heinous acts against other human beings, may God’s judgment be righteous with you.

Now I think of some of the officers outside the IPS building that I spoke to and I wonder where they are.

So traumatic.

I feel sorry for the person who parked in the empty little square in front of Raja Chambers and I wonder how she is.

We only survive because it’s not our day yet.

God bless you all brothers.

Author Charles Odongtho is a journalist.



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