The production of the television series “El Ein Bil Ein” ends


Production envelope on the new television series “El Ein Bil Ein” (Eye for an eye) by Lebanese superstars Ramy Ayach and Cyrine Abdelnour.

The series is written by Salam ksiri and Randa Alam.

“El Ein Bil Ein” consists of 15 episodes and is set to debut on a streaming service.

On June 8, Ayach shared on instagram that he and his wife, Lebanese fashion designer Dalida, are expecting their third child.

The post included a video from a gender reveal party featuring Ayach standing alongside his wife in front of their children and firing a smoke bomb, unveiling a brief cloud of pink powder and revealing that the newborn is a girl.

In 2014, Ayach married the fashion designer in a lavish ceremony that took place at BIEL in Beirut, Lebanon.

The ceremony brought together a large number of celebrities as well as notable personalities from the fashion and media scene. They welcomed their first child Aram in 2016 and their second child Ayana in 2018.

داليدا عياش توجه رسالة مؤثرة لرامي...  !  - Al Arrab - العراب

Ayach, who is an actor and philanthropist, is commonly referred to as the “Pop Star” in the Arab world for his impact and contribution to the contemporary Arab music scene.

The superstar rose to fame in 1997 after winning 1st prize in the famous pan-Arab talent contest “Studio Al Fan”.

Subsequently, Ayach released her debut studio album in 1998 titled “Raae”, which gained critical and commercial acclaim.

It featured some of the most recognizable Arabic hits of the modern era such as “Mabrouk”, “Albi Mal”, “Khalini Ma3ak”, “El Nas El Rayaa” and “Majnoun”.

In 2015, Ayach made his acting debut in the pan-Arab thriller “Paparazzi”.


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