The new crossovers in the video game industry



Launching a crossover is a proven way to attract an audience. The additional content diversifies the gameplay. Plus, familiar skins or even characters attract new players. Collaborations also become a source of profit. In addition, thematic correspondence is not necessary at all. For example, PUBG offers skins of Liverpool football players. Recently, several curious crosses have been announced on the market. The most recent of them is devoted to this article.


Fortnite – the king of crossovers



Few games can match Fortnite in the amount of content they add. Battle Royale is regularly updated with new heroes, skins and more. Collaborations with renowned brands allow you to dress your character in the latest fashion. This includes a capsule wardrobe from Moncler. The characters’ wardrobe has been updated with a puffy jacket, sunglasses and stylish hats. The color of clothing is directly related to the level of the player. The more the user advances, the darker their wardrobe.

Fortnite advertises Hollywood movies and even pop stars appear. At the end of last summer, the developers announced a musical trip with Ariana Grande.

Fortnite hasn’t slowed down lately and has thrilled audiences with some new crossovers. Jinx appeared in the game as a promotional campaign for Arcane. Along with this, the gameplay has been updated with other content from League of Legends. It consisted of a special pickax, a monkey bomb, and a new soundtrack.

Crossovers with anime are also increasingly common. Recently there was a rumor that in Call of Duty Vanguard would appear swords from Attack on Titan. Fortnite decided to follow suit and launched the Naruto crossover. The game added the four main anime skins, new weapons, items and missions. Fortnite also included the Summoning Jutsu and Ramen Break emotions.

At the end of next month, Star Wars Boba Fett will appear in Fortnite. The crossover is expected to coincide with the release of the “Book of Boba Fett” series on December 29.

” Everybody is here ! in dead cells

Dead cells

Dead cells

But Fortnite isn’t alone in reaping the benefits of collaborations. Roguelike Metroid Deaf Cells announced a massive crossover with six games at a time. The update is symbolically titled Everyone’s Here! The game has been updated with new locations, weapons, and secrets.

In Dead Cells we get the heroes of Blasphemous, Curse of the Dead Gods, Guacamelee, Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter and Skul The Hero Slayer. They all have unique fighting skills and techniques. New characters use laser blasters, magic swords, and more. Luchador de Guacamelee transforms into a Fighting Rooster. While in this guise, it deals critical damage to nearby monsters.

Old bugs have been fixed with the update. A special journal will record bugs for later review.

Don’t Starve Together and Terraria

Don’t Starve Together and Terraria have announced an interesting free crossover. The update is called Eye for an Eye. The crossover is based on Terraria. It will add a Hunger system, new weapons, and a Darkness Night Monster. Along with this, the gameplay will be updated with a lighting system inspired by Don’t Starve.

Owners of DST multiplayer will also receive some nice bonuses. These include new pets, food, and recipes. Along with this, from Terraria, the Wandering Eye bosses will be introduced in the game. The first notices for additional content are already appearing online.

The exchange is for the good of the game. Terraria and Don’t Starve Together look great despite the different styling. The content migration went well. It is as if a clean element has finally invaded the empty space.

Don't starve together и Terraria

Don’t starve together и Terraria

Child of Light

The Child of Light fairy tale adventure was released in 2014. The game tells the story of Princess Aurora, who has decided to restore calm to the kingdom. The project did not have a follow-up. But the other day, we knew the story was coming back. Only not within the framework of the CoL project.

In this way, the developers hinted at the upcoming collaboration. The team did not provide any details. But users have already built a plausible theory. It is highly likely that the characters of Child of Light will enter Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. In mid-autumn, the developers of the platformer-metroidvania promised a new update. They mentioned that the gameplay would add some unusual characters. And the final teaser featured the CoL soundtrack.

The new story about Aurora and her companions will reveal the events after the Child of Light finale.

Child of Light

Child of Light

Crossovers even make games that have been played a hundred times more interesting. The gameplay is not boring and monotonous and gives motivation to come back to the game. This article lists the most significant recent and upcoming crossovers. There are plenty of reasons to expect more interesting announcements soon.



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