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A Christmas staple for Lorain will return after a year-long hiatus.

Broadway Assembly Church, 5495 Broadway in Lorainhas produced a live nativity scene over the past few decades.

After being canceled last year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the church is looking forward to resuming the tradition and celebrating 30 years since the nativity.

Broadway Assembly senior pastor Matt Jones said the tradition started before he joined the team.

“I’ve only been here about 17 out of 30 years, but we want to continue to shine a light on the meaning of the season,” Jones said.

The live production will take place from 7-9 p.m., December 22, 23, and 24.

Jones said the church was devastated to cancel production last year.

“We had to go on hiatus last year because of COVID,” he said. “We’re getting back on track with some excitement, but it’s been tough for us in the last year because it’s been so much a part of who we are as a church.”

The Broadway Assembly Church is preparing to build the nativity scene. (Aliah Kimbro — The Morning Paper)

The nativity is designed to remind the community of the real reason for the season, Jones said.

“In our culture, we tend to go the commercial route, so it’s something simple to remind us of the original message of the Christmas season,” he said. “The goal is to reconnect with the roots of the party.”

Jones said the live production brings the holiday story to life.

“It just enriches the whole Christmas season and helps everyone imagine what that original Christmas was like,” he said.

Jones said he loves hearing from the community.

“My favorite thing is when I get feedback that some visitors have made it part of their annual tradition,” he said. “You can tell it really touches them.”

Jones said until live production, the display will feature cutouts.

“Throughout December we leave the spotlight on the cutouts, except for the three nights before Christmas when we do the live nativity scene here at the church,” he said.

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