The Game, DJ Akademiks Drama: the rapper drops a scathing truth bomb on a hip-hop cover


The Game has dropped a massive truth bombshell on DJ Akademiks after a heated argument erupted over Lil Durk’s seemingly violent lyrics.

DJ Akademiks, who has become hip-hop’s one-man TMZ, seemed to have crossed a line based on The Game’s intense jab during his “media coverage” on the hip-hop scene and on the streets.

The Game, which remained silent for most of the conversation at the Clubhouse, erupted into a heated rant after Akademiks spoke about Lil Durk’s possible real-life violent tendencies.

The Game, DJ Akademiks’ Intense Showdown Explained

While the majority of hip-hop enthusiasts have given up using the social media app Clubhouse, The Game’s longtime manager Wack 100 seemed to be using it to spark unpopular conversations in the rap scene.

In the emerging Clubhouse audio chat, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Wack 100, The Game, and DJ Akademiks, among many others, are all featured in the heated discussion. (via HipHopDX)

Over Lil Durk’s lyrics, the conversation turned to the “7220” hitmaker’s tendencies to “slip” anyone in real life.

According to Urban Dictionary, “to slide over” means to fight, hit, or shoot someone.

Akademiks chimed in, defending Durk and pointing out that the rapper was an “artist” and that the music industry is not the “street” as others have pointed out.

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For much of the discussion, the “How We Do” hitmaker was relatively quiet until Akademiks’ remarks.

“I’m sitting here listening and Akademiks, you raised fucking points. This shit – you say rap shit ain’t street shit. Niggas been smoked – rappers, Regular niggas, ggas street niggas […] Ever since Biggie and Pac died, that shit is rap and street shit,” The Game pointed out.

The hip-hop blogger said that was not his point. But The Game fired back and asked rhetorically if he believed he was part of the problem of inciting drama between rappers online for posting inflammatory messages.

Wack 100, on the other hand, sided with The DJ instead of The Game in asking why the blogger is getting backlash when other publications and blogs have posted similar content like him.

The Game fired back louder, noting that Akademiks is these bloggers’ “Uncle Ben” and that there is a face behind the blog, unlike The Shade Room, where it’s unclear who runs it.

Listen to the full Clubhouse conversation below.

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