the explosion of a bomb in Kannur; another man arrested


Police have arrested another person in connection with the death of a youth in a bomb blast during a wedding procession in Thotada here on Thursday.

The arrested is Arun from Kadambur. He reportedly handed sharp weapons to Sanad, another defendant, who planned to carry out an attack in case the bombs did not work. The police recovered the weapons from Arun’s house.

The incident followed an alleged fight between two groups at the groom’s house on the eve of the wedding. Although the dispute was settled, one of the gang members threw bombs at the wedding procession, apparently in revenge. Jishnu, from Eachur, was killed in the January 13 incident.

Police have already arrested P. Akshay, Mithun, Gokul and Sanad in connection with the case. They had previously established that the bomb had been made using firecrackers purchased from a store in Thazhae Chovva. Upon subsequent examination, it was found that explosives had been used to make the bombs.

Police said the explosives were supplied by a resident of Pallikunnu in Kannur. The man, who previously owned a firecracker shop, allegedly handed over the explosives to the main defendant Mithun. The person has been identified and will be arrested soon, police added.


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