Texas A&M Aggies lose to Ole Miss Rebels 29-19; Game log



In what some see as the SEC’s battle for third place, the No.11 Texas A&M Aggies travel to Oxford, Mississippi on Saturday to face the No.15 Ole Miss Rebels at Vaught Hemingway Stadium.

Ole Miss is 1-9 against the Aggies since first meeting in 1911, including two wins left vacant by the Rebels in 2014 and 2016. The programs were only played four times before 2012, when A&M joined the team. SEC, and the Aggies currently have a three-game winning streak against Ole Miss.

Both teams are mathematically still alive in the SEC West race and could play in Atlanta next month for the SEC Championship, but both would need considerable help.

More realistically, this game will decide which team will represent the SEC in the Fiesta or the Citrus Bowl, of course, to be determined by those selection committees and how the rest of the season plays out.

Either way, it could be seen as a one-game playoff where the team has a spot in the New Year’s bowls game and which team could finish in the top 10 at the end of the season, closest to a college football qualifying spot.

This will of course be one of the building blocks of a 2022 season that both teams hope will be better than 2021.

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The start of the game is delayed for Miami-Florida State to finish.


Ole Miss wins the toss and begins her practice at 25, and immediately opens the game in the air, taking just a minute to reach the 21-yard line for the Aggies.

REBELS FIELD GOAL –Ole Miss takes the opening rush for 58 yards on nine games in 2:04 to take a 3-0 lead over a 33-yard basket from Caden Costa.

A&M will start their first practice of the game from their own 30 yards and will not be able to exceed 20 yards in five games and return to the Rebels for a touchdown.

Constantinou from A&M heads to Ole Miss 5 for a good catch. It is time for the Aggies’ defense to step up.

It only takes four games and Corral’s arm for the Rebels to get through the midfield, then a wide-open Jahcour Pearson is missed in the end zone by Matt Corral.

A Rebels touchdown run is called off by a catch on the wide receiver.

TOUCHDOWN REBELS – Matt Corral passes completely to Dontario Drummond for 2 yards for a touchdown. 10-0 Rebels, with a score of 94 yards in 13 games and a gain of 4:12 on the odometer.

Corral is on fire early on with 9-12 passes for 91 yards and a touchdown with 6:48 left in the first quarter.

The Aggies are starting their own 24 on that possession and still can’t figure out the Ole Miss defense. Sam Williams is applying all the pressure tonight in the Aggies backfield.

A&M kicked again. Drummond came back unsuccessful for the Ole Miss 19. A&M had two offensive practices for a total of 35 yards.

A&M gets his first 3 and goes out for the Rebel offensive. First Aggies at A&M 30.

Achane with a good race on the first test then Demas with a landing of 12 meters from Calzada. But the reader stalls. Constantinou kicked again and the Rebels will start on their own 13.

The quarter ended with a Snoop Conner run for a loss after a 48-yard pass from Corral to Pearson.

The Aggies’ worst quarterback all season is over, as A&M are down 10-0 and it’s not that close.


FUMBLE RECOVERY AGIES – The quarter started on a good note for the Aggies with Matt Corral sacked by Yulkeith Brown for a loss of 7 yards to A&M 31, Corral escaped, recovered by Tyree Johnson.

The turnover turns into another punt for Constantinou as the Aggies can only muster 11 yards on five plays. The punt goes 58 yards for a touchback.

Running back Ole Miss Jerrion Ealy runs 53 yards on a first and 10 from the Rebels 10-yard line.

Another Corral fumble inside the Aggies’ 20, but this time Ole Miss picked it up in the 19, which could have saved four points as the Rebels will have to hit a basket.

REBELS FIELD GOAL – Caden Costa is good at 32. A nine-game, 74-yard practice that was 2h55 behind. The rebels lead 13-0.

The Aggies start on their own 31st and can’t move the ball. It’s another three-and-out for A&M and Constantinou kicks 21 Rebels.

Ole Miss moved the ball to the Aggies’ nine-yard line in just six games.

TURNOVER DOWN AGGIES – The Rebels go for the fourth and the goal of both, and the A&M defense holds. Aggies first fell with 4:05 to go at halftime.

SECURITY REBELS – Isaiah Spiller is tackled in the end zone for safety. 15-0 Rebels.

After security, the Rebels play away from the Aggies offense and hold the ball for 3:03 before kicking.

The Aggies finish halftime after just two games. At halftime, Ole Miss leads 15-0.


A&M starts the second half with the ball at 25.

Demond Demas is “targeted” during a reception and is down. It’s an 11-yard plus 15-yard reception and Jake Springer is ejected from the game.

The Aggies move the ball for the first time tonight and are only in Rebels territory for the second game of the game.

Spiller manages the ball well on this drive and Calzada manages to throw away.

ACTS FROM A PURPOSE OF THE FIELD – Calzada misses an open Wydermyer on the goal line and A&M has to settle for a basket from Seth Small. it’s a 12-play, 62-yard practice that’s 4:57 behind schedule. 15-3 Rebels.

Ole Miss takes over from their own 25 and goes to three on and off while the Aggies defense holds. Mac Brown’s kick goes 54 yards to the Aggies 11 after A&M recovers a punt from Ainias Smith.

AGIES DE TOUCHDOWN – Devon Achane runs 24 yards for a touchdown. It’s 15-10 Rebels, as the Aggies hit back behind a much improved offensive line in the second half.

Ole Miss backs up another practice, exhausting the Aggies defense, but no points on the nine-play, 32-yard drive and the Rebels’ punt.

A&M takes over from his own 19 and also has to kick after a three-and-out. Ole Miss takes possession of her own 45.

The Rebels come in at Aggies 23 and show a goal formation on the pitch, but it’s a fake and A&M sniffs it. Ball of Aggies, first and 10.

Calzada finds targets and Wydermyer gets involved. Watch out, rebels.

Calzada’s long bomb in Demas is right on target, but it’s incomplete.

Achane runs for 21 yards on a third and six and the Aggies are threatening from the red zone.

Third and goal of ten, and Jahmir Johnson is called for a personal foul to back the basket of Seth Small.

ACTS FROM A PURPOSE OF THE FIELD – Seth Small connects 43 meters away. it’s 15-13 Ole Miss with 10:19 am to go.

The Rebels start from their own 25 and descend very quickly to the A&M 41 to bring in a third and eight and the Aggies blow up the wide receiver screen at Drummond for a four yard loss to 43.

7:08 am to go and the Aggies will have the ball of their own 11.

REBEL INTERCEPTION – Calzada is chosen by Ashanti Cistrunk at A&M 15.

TOUCHDOWN REBELS – Snoop Conner traveled 13 yards for the Ole Miss touchdown, bringing the score to 22-13 with 6:32 left.

CHOOSE SIX REBELS – The Aggies regain the upper hand on their 36, and third and ten, Calzada is intercepted for the second consecutive series, this time for a pick-six by AJ Finley for 52 yards. 29-13 Ole Miss.

TOUCHDOWN AGGIES – Devon Achane runs 9 yards for a touchdown. The Aggies took possession of their own 41 yards and amassed 69 yards on six games in 1:39 for the score. The Rebels lead 29-19 after the two-point conversion is not good. There are 3h11 left to play.

Ole Miss goes four and kicks the Aggies who are running out of time.

The Aggies suffer their third loss of the season, 29-19 to Ole Miss.



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