Teenage girl ‘disappears’ after Karachi market bomb blast


KARACHI — A teenage girl is believed to have gone missing after a stampede caused by an explosion in the Saddar area of ​​the country’s seaside metropolis this week.

The missing girl’s brother, identified as Sawera, filed an FIR at Preedy Police Station, saying his mother, wife and sister were busy shopping when an explosive device detonated in the commercial area of the port city.

He said his mother, Darakhshan Bibi, passed out and found out after regaining consciousness that Sawera was missing. The teenager’s brother said Sawera was likely kidnapped.

Meanwhile, law enforcement said they had registered a kidnapping case under Section 365 of Pakistan’s Penal Code and opened the investigation.

A bomb explosion on Thursday left at least one dead and 13 injured. An IED planted on a two-wheeler exploded around midnight in the busy commercial area of ​​Saddar.

The attackers reportedly targeted a van carrying Pakistani maritime security forces. The powerful explosion damaged several vehicles, including the van, and two security personnel were also injured.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, earlier remained in the news after three girls, including Dua Zehra, went missing. It was later discovered that the girls married the boys of their choice.


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