Supermarket Vacant Tipperary gets a new lease on life with theatrical production


A vacant supermarket in Clonmel has become the stage for an exciting theatrical production ‘Everything Must Go’.

Market Place’s former Superquinn was acquired by Supervalu before finally closing its doors to the public in 2016.

The building has now reopened for an interactive theater experience inspired by the region’s urban decline.

Produced by Asylum Productions, Once Off Productions and Clonmel Junction Festival, the production written by Aideen Wylde and Donal Gallagher creates an immersive and unique theatrical experience.

Audiences are encouraged to engage in the haunting wasteland and walk the abandoned alleys as the actors provide simultaneous performances.

The eclectic ensemble of ghostly figures are performed by a mix of professional and local amateur actors.

Memorable acts include a haunting dance by cashiers and a butcher wandering the aisles with a cart adorned with human limbs.

Lighting by Declan O’Sullivan alongside sound composition design by Dave Boyd helps transform the vast building, brilliantly creating the illusion of separate compartments for the audience to explore.

Music from old advertisements helps to create a haunting nostalgia, with empty shelves prompting audiences to reflect on our society’s addiction to excess consumption.

One particularly clever aspect of the production is how it uses the original features of the vacant building to add to the production.

The supermarket’s preserved aisles are still adorned with old price tags and old customer notices are a stunning addition to Medb Lambert’s vibrant design.

Features like the clinical meat prep area, the haunting candle-lit bakery, and the storage room adorned with a spooky Christmas display add to the unsettling nature of the surreal performances.

Auctioneers encourage the public to bid on the empty building, their presence compared to flies on a corpse in the once bustling shopping district.

What could have been a rambling production is brought together by a moving musical finale with moving choreography by Cindy Cummings.

The play helps the audience imagine what it would be like to buy groceries after an atomic bomb was dropped on O’Connell Street.

Far from a traditional trip to the theater, the opportunity to enjoy the interactive and free nature of this production is not to be missed.



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