Spider-Man linkage game teased new goblin before Spider-Man 3


While the film version of New Goblin was a huge disappointment, this oft-forgotten bonding game offers a much more interesting take on Harry’s journey.

Spider-Man has had a strong presence in video games, but unlike most of his superhero contemporaries, the wall-crawler has received a fairly consistent level of quality gaming since the late ’90s. has reached new heights in the gaming world since its 3D debut with the PlayStation game developed by Neversoft, greatly informing the movie links for Spider-Man 1 and 2 and culminating in the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man. Noteworthy, however, is the interesting story of being able to play as Spidey’s greatest enemies in many of his best games.

Games such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man: friend or foe make it a main feature to play as Web-Head’s worst enemies. The exact origin of the playable villains in a Spider-Man game can be traced to one of the less expected places: the 2002 Spider Man Bonding game with a movie, where the Green Goblin can be unlocked as a playable character. But not just the Green Goblin – it’s Harry Osborn, with his own story campaign as he battles another mysterious Goblin who isn’t Norman.

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Harry as Green Goblin is only playable after completing the normal game on the hardest difficulty, Hero Mode, a fairly difficult task. The game has awkward combat mechanics and a ruthless camera. Kind of like playing Vergil in the The devil can cry series, Harry’s campaign has its own unique storyline with many voice lines altered to reflect the exchange of heroes, but the mission structures and level designs are essentially the same, with just a different playable character. Sadly, that means Harry never fights his best friend Peter Parker in what would have been a pretty cool boss fight against Spider-Man himself.

Harry’s story involves stealing the Green Goblin’s formula and costume to find out what happened to his missing father as he traces Oscorp’s corrupt history through the various levels of the game. road, he’s plagued by another Green Goblin who is very clearly not Norman, although the alternate goblin claims to have been hired by Norman. Unfortunately, this story is abandoned without resolution, with Harry never finding out what happened to his father or the identity of the other goblin. However, the secretive and pragmatic nature of this other goblin is strongly reminiscent of Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin in the comics.

Although this story is not canon for official Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy, where Harry indeed becomes the new goblin, if this story were followed it would make Harry’s character an arc in Spider-man 3 much more interesting. Harry is said to be aware of Norman’s corruption and horrific acts as the Green Goblin and would take on the identity to clean up any criminal organization that has Oscorp technology in the Iron Man manner, possibly even including Peter doesn’t. has not killed his father and forgiving him. However, Harry’s ominous hyper-lethal methods as an anti-heroic Green Goblin mean Spider-Man must take responsibility for preventing him from killing people, bringing the two into conflict.

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Playing as the Green Goblin gives the player a host of extremely powerful abilities, having the entire arsenal of Goblin weapons at their disposal. The traverse is significantly altered, as instead of swinging across the web Harry gets outright flight using the Goblin Glider (which teleports in and out of nowhere for player convenience). The glider is equipped with bullets, missiles, and various types of explosive weapons and projectiles, along with Harry’s enhanced goblin strength, high speed attack, and an endless supply of pumpkin bombs.

As impressive as these abilities are, they’re considerably balanced by how quickly the weapons overheat, causing Harry to stop and rest to cool down before using them again. Additionally, Harry is completely unable to crawl on walls and lacks many of Spidey’s web attacks and capture abilities. While some may think that the firepower that Harry possesses is more than enough to make up for the lack of spider powers, the fact that most of the levels were designed with the thought of crawling on walls in mind makes the walk through. interior an absolute nightmare.

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