Seven dead in the explosion of a motorcycle in Chaman – Pakistan



QUETTA: Seven people, including three leaders of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (Nazaryati), were killed and 14 others injured in a bombing in the border town of Chaman, Qila Abdullah district, on Friday.

JUI-N Naib Emir Maulana Abdul Qadir Luni, who officials said was the target of the attackers, was wounded in the bombing.

Officials said the explosion occurred in Boghara Chowk shortly after the end of a rally organized by JUI-N to condemn Israeli aggression and genocide against oppressed Palestinians in Gaza.

Official sources said unidentified people rigged the motorcycle with explosive material and parked it near the rally location and detonated it when Maulana Luni, accompanied by supporters, left the scene.

“It appears that the target of the explosion was Maulana Luni, as the IED planted in the motorcycle detonated with a remote control shortly after it left the meeting place,” said a senior police official.

“Maulana Luni survived with minor injuries and was immediately taken to hospital under high security,” Deputy Commissioner Tariq Javed Mengal said. Dawn, adding that four people were killed instantly and 17 others injured in the explosion that rocked the small town.

Police and personnel from other security forces rushed to the site and transferred the injured to Chaman District Hospital where two of the injured died. Four of the injured were then transferred to the trauma center of the Quetta civilian hospital.

Chaman hospital medical director Dr Himyatullah said another injured person died before reaching Quetta.

Posted in Dawn, le 22 May 2021



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