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LOWER DIR: A roadside bomb targeted a local Pakistani worker from Tehreek-i-Insaf traveling by car, injuring him on Saturday in the Kolal Dherai neighborhood of Maidan, residents and police said.

They said Ali Akbar aka Daggar was driving to Kumbar in his car when the improvised explosive device detonated near the vehicle. As a result, he sustained minor injuries and the car was slightly damaged.

He was transferred to a local hospital and released after first aid.

Police cordoned off the area and began a search operation to arrest the perpetrators.

AIRCRAFT CONCERNS OF ENTREPRENEURS: Deputy Commissioner Aun Haidar Gondal held an open kutcheri for government contractors in Balambat the other day.

The entrepreneurs appreciated the administration’s initiative to allow them to express their grievances regarding the non-payment of contributions. Contractors Ikramullah and Imran Takur informed the deputy commissioner that they had demanded payment of royalties for development works carried out between 2015 and 2018.

They said the Malakand Division was a tax-free zone, but the government deducted seven percent tax from them and demanded its immediate abolition. They pointed out that several development projects were incomplete due to lack of funds, as rates of building materials had skyrocketed.

The deputy commissioner said he would take up the issue with the Malakand commissioner and local lawmakers to ensure prompt payment of contributions to contractors.

After the insurance, the contractors association promised to end their boycott and resume work on ongoing projects in Lower Dir.

WEDDING OF YOUR CHOICE: Prominent religious scholar and deputy head of Jamaat-i-Islami province Maulana Mohammad Ismail has said that choice marriage is the right of all women, but the consent of their guardians is also required.

He was addressing the participants on the fifth day of the ‘Tafheemul Quran’ class on the grounds of the Timegara Rest Home.

He said the main reason for the increase in the incidence of divorces was the disregard of Islamic principles in family life. He said Islam not only recognizes women’s rights, but also emphasizes their implementation.

“Acting on the injunctions of the Holy Quran is the only solution to the problems facing Muslims,” he said, adding that the economic system of Islam should be implemented and the system of usury abolished.

Posted in Dawn, le 17 October 2021



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