PS5 crisis? Sony is putting the PS4 back into production to fill the void


The lack of production of the PS5 has only generated even more inconvenience and dissatisfaction from users who, of course, have tried by all means to obtain it, but without success. To remedy this error, Sony has decided to take a particular path: which one?

It sounds unbelievable, but reports suggest a noticeable increase in PS4 production from Sony –

the PS5 have become a taboo for many, but not because no one wants them, especially the fact that they are literally impossible to obtain. We also talked about itLast year in many occasions, and it seems that the situation is not the only one she hasn’t changed, but it also got worse.

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We guess this Advertisement in this sony wanted to slow down more production, already not very fast on his part, to PlayStation 5 to take up, however, that of a console that everyone we like and that some of us still have residence. But what is this idea about?

The reason for the rise of the PS4

PlayStation 5
It is hoped that more and more PS5 – will be introduced in the future

the report recently published by Bloomberg speaks clearly, there is little to do: for lack of the components necessary for the realization of the PS5 the last generation, sony he decided to solve the problem keep producing i models non-stop precedents, or the PS4, throughout this year.

What follows news it’s a bomb because they thought they were going to finish the design consoles by the end of 2021, wrong rarity controversy of the PS5 have done nothing but motivate even more the company to produce other PlayStation 4 throughout the 2022.

So they hope that to succeed to retrieve one good location on the Marlet: the pandemic has certainly not played in his favour, so much so that the best sales were registered, more than anything else, online and not on the shelves of stores in charge sell consoles.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that the 2022 will be the year of PS4, reason why sony speculate that there may be some very good ones feedback on his decision. In fact, thetarget would be to augment order both old components that of the material used for the realization of the previous model, as well as to find the conditions better in the future to design many more PlayStation 5s.

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However, it must also be said that the company worked hard to be able to build greater number of consuls possible, but it is clear that they have gods limits to respect. Also, let’s not forget the fact that have chosen some great titles for their device, like Forbidden Horizon West, God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, Ring of Elden And Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Others will come out later, but that is to say, most likely, they also have gods interesting future plans and we like it according to your choices what they will do.


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