Peter Dinklage: ‘Game of Thrones’ ending ‘offended a lot of people’


game of thrones Star Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) is usually a pretty private person, but he recently got some buzz to talk about his new movie Cyrano, where he plays the title role.

Naturally, this also means that many people ask him about game of thrones. In particular, they want to know what he thinks of the ending. Many fans still feel burned by Daenerys Targaryen’s genocidal turn at the end of the series, not to mention Jon Snow’s decision to kill her and Bran Stark becoming Lord of the Seven – uh, Six – Kingdoms.

According to an interview in The temperature, at first, Dinklage just tried to avoid discussing it. “But it was impossible. Fans remind you of that on a daily basis,” he said. criticized early.”

“Then when we left they criticized again because they didn’t want us to leave,” he said. “Some got angry. But if you appeal to everyone, you’re doing something wrong. And we offended a lot of people.”

So Dinklage is toying a line we’ve heard a few times from cast members: namely, that people were unhappy with the ending because it wasn’t the one they wanted. We’ll just have to wait and see what game of thrones fan talk is like when Dragon House will air on HBO later this year. Until then, you can read more of Dinklage’s interview here, and catch Cyrano in theaters now.


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