Paul Walker appeared on the game show “I say!” like a kid


The late Paul Walker is undoubtedly best known for his work alongside Vin Diesel in The fast and the furious. A world-renowned actor for his work in the ever goofy action series, many only know him for his work in those films. However, true fans remember him from before fame, ever since he was just a kid.

Paul Walker made his first screen appearance in a former game show

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Paul Walker got his start long before he became an undercover cop in muscle car racing. In fact, it took him a long time before he was even old enough to get a license. The future star first appeared on screens across the country at the age of two in commercials, doing more publicity work as she got older. Eventually, his “big break” came when he landed a role in one of Troma’s infamous direct-to-video horrors: monster in the closet.

A few years later, he really shined, thanks to an old game show. I tell ! was an NBC program based on The Newlywed Game. Instead of couples, however, it was siblings. Three teams would compete against each other to test their knowledge and compatibility with their family members until only one team remained.

A January 1988 episode of this show just featured Walker and his sister Ashlie. Recently rediscovered by BuzzFeed, the shoddy clips that still exist are definitely worth checking out. The walkers are both incredibly charming, with Paul in particular possessing a lot of the same exuberant energy he would have as an adult film star. On top of that, they both completely dominated the episode, winning all 20 awards in the final arcade round.

His career wouldn’t take off until he got behind the wheel

Paul Walker at Disney’s ‘Eight Below’ premiere | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Despite his incredible performances on game shows, Paul Walker was mostly relegated to smaller, supporting roles for much of his youth and early adulthood. He was able to get steady work projects big and small ranging from bonkers Tammy and the T-Rex to classic She is all that.

As mentioned, however, Walker’s big break was still a long way off. In 2001, the release of the original The fast and the furious was when things really started to move. The film was a legendary hit from the start, with Walker’s performance and chemistry with Vin Diesel being two of its most beloved aspects.

From there, Walker reprized his role as Brian in five of the next six fast furious movies. It’s no exaggeration to say that Brian and Dom’s relationship was the heart and soul of those early films, with the actor’s absence still being felt to this day in later films.

Paul Walker had a successful career that was far too short

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After the success of the original Fast and Furious, Paul Walker has become a certified leader. In addition to the other films of the Quick franchise, he had plenty of big roles for the rest of his unfairly short time in Hollywood.

Almost immediately after the release of the original film, Walker starred in the thriller written by JJ Abrams tower of joy, with her performance receiving considerable praise. Shortly after, it headlined the 2003 box office bombshell Chronology, now seen as a deliciously so bad-as-good stinker and an opportunity to watch Walker jerk it off. He was also a major character in Clint Eastwood’s historical war film Flags of Our Fatherswhich many consider Walker’s best film involving neither cars nor crime.

Like all good things, Walker’s career ended far too quickly. The actor was involved in a fatal car accident on November 30, 2013. Family, friends and fans all mourned his loss, with the seventh fast furious film dedicated to his memory.

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