Patna court bomb attack: 3 police officers seriously injured after the bombing, produced as evidence, explodes in court


Patna, July 1: Three policemen were seriously injured after a bomb, produced as evidence, exploded in a courthouse in Patna on Friday afternoon.

Patna police recently recovered the bombs from a hostel and brought them to the civil court to present to the judge as evidence against the accused. However, the bomb exploded shortly after being placed on a court table.

Sub-Inspector Umakant Rai and two other staff from Agam Kuan Police Station were injured in this incident as they were in the vicinity. Bihar: As part of an extortion bid, 4 goons set fire to a petrol pump in Gaya district.

The impact of the explosion was such that many officials and lawyers present in court lost their hearing for a few minutes. The judge was also present in court but managed to return to his room safely.

After the blast, SSP Manavjeet Singh Dhillon and officials from Pirbahore Police Station arrived at the courthouse and cordoned off the area. The canine squad and the bomb squad immediately arrived at the court, accompanied by forensic experts, and began the investigation.

Patna Police have yet to make an official statement on the incident.

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