One arrested for the explosion of a bomb in a school in Manipur


Police said they arrested a “serial bomber” identified as Thunaojam Rishi.

Police said they arrested a “serial bomber” identified as Thunaojam Rishi.

Police said on Tuesday they had arrested a person in connection with a bomb blast at Little Flower School, Imphal, which took place on Sunday morning.

Imphal West Police Superintendent K. Sivakanta told reporters that with the arrest of a “serial bomber” identified as Thounaojam Rishi (46) from Kangla Sangomshang, Imphal East Police had resolved some cases of bomb explosions in Manipur. He also revealed that Rishi worked under the command of “Doubllo”, the Bangladesh-based “chairman” of the Manipur National Revolutionary Front.

During preliminary questioning, Rishi said he was paid ₹30,000 for setting off a bomb blast. The SP said that Rishi was involved in the bombings in Nagamapal and Khurai areas in the recent past.

Based on intelligence information, police commandos raided Rishi’s house on Monday evening. At the sight of the police, he tried to flee, carrying a jar. Police found explosives and other bomb-making materials in the jar.

Mr Sivakanta said: “We found a detonator fitted with a cortex, 58 plastic detonators weighing 7.358 kg, batteries and other bomb-making devices and materials. Additionally, we got a luxury car and ₹9,000 cash back.” He was handed over to Lamlai Police Station for further investigation.

Meanwhile, teachers, students and staff at Little Flower School staged a protest in Imphal condemning the bombing. They carried placards with slogans such as “Don’t vitiate the academic atmosphere”, “We are the pillars of the future”, “Make the school a zone of peace”.


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