Nuclear bomb movie in development with “Hacksaw Ridge” producer



Oscar-nominated “Hacksaw Ridge” producer David Permut has acquired the film rights to Joel Dobson’s nuclear thriller “The Goldsboro Broken Arrow”.

Dobson’s book follows the formerly classified events that took place in 1961 when four pilots ejected from a B-52 plane carrying two thermonuclear bombs at 9,000 feet after the plane was repeatedly struck by lightning and lost a wing. One pilot died, three more survived and the two nuclear bombs fell at a speed of 700 mph and crashed in Goldsboro, NC

The state of the fail-safe mechanism on the bombs was unknown, and there was no guarantee that they could be disabled. The destructive power of each bomb was great enough to create a 100% destruction zone within an eight mile radius. Lt. Jack ReVelle, a 22-year-old bomb disposal expert, was tasked with the dangerous mission of deactivating the bombs.

Information about the event was kept secret until 2013. The incident took place during President John F. Kennedy’s fourth day in office.

“It’s scary to think that the incident that happened in Goldsboro so many years ago could very well still happen today,” Permut said. “It was only very recently that the truth about this event was uncovered, leaving me to wonder how many other secrets the government is still hiding from us today.”

Mike Alfieri and Sterling Macer will produce with Permut. ReVelle will participate as a technical consultant. They are currently looking for a screenwriter to adapt the story.

Permut’s production credits include “Blind Date”, “Face / Off”, “Struck by Lightning”, “Charlie Bartlett” and “Youth in Revolt”.



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