Norwich production company flees Ukraine after missile strike


5:30 PM October 14, 2022

A Norwich theater producer has been forced to flee a Ukrainian festival after missile fire hit the area.

On Monday, October 10, Russia resumed its missile attacks on Lviv – where the 32nd Golden Lion International Theater Festival was taking place.

Award-winning producer Richard Jordan had his company present Kafka & Son – a co-production with Canada-based Theaturtle and Threshold Theater Company.

The festival, which was due to run from October 7-11, was forced to cancel its remaining shows and the Golden Lion Theater returned to use as a bomb shelter.

Alon Nashman said: “Kafka and Son resonates as a profound critique of tyranny, in all its forms”
– Credit: Cylla von Tiedemann

The Richard Jordan Production Company has now safely left Ukraine.

All Lviv-based Ukrainian staff and artists involved in the theater and the festival are “safe and sound”.

Richard Jordan said: “We had been fully informed of the risks, but also of the robust security plans and measures in place.

“We collaborated with our theater colleagues in Ukraine with the determination that if we could find a way to bring art and help to them and their community, we would try to do so.

“The experience is one none of us will ever forget, which was both humbling and inspiring.

“We watched the courage of our Ukrainian colleagues as they continued to bring theater to their community by offering familiarity and therapy at this time.

“Back home, the most important thing all of us involved in this presentation can do now is share our experiences and continue to raise awareness.

Richard Jordan, born in Norwich, founder of Richard Jordan Productions

Richard Jordan, born in Norwich, founder of Richard Jordan Productions
– Credit: Anthony Kelly

“As a member of the global artistic community, we all stand in solidarity with our brave Ukrainian colleagues.”

Playwright and Theaturtle founder Alon Nashman, who plays Franz Kafka in the series, added: “We endured a tense air raid siren, during which we spent an hour in the bomb shelter of the ‘hotel.

“It was not easy crossing the border, arriving after curfew to empty streets and darkened buildings.

“From the moment we arrived, we felt how important it was for people and artists to know that we were ready to come, even in the most difficult circumstances.”


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