No player is better than the game: Anurag



No player is better than the game: Anurag

Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur made some interesting remarks following various information campaigns on the social media platform on the Indian team captains case (Virat kohli, Rohit Sharma). Rohit and Virat commented that the players are no better than the game. Rohit and Virat both made comments which meant respecting and complying with the bcci’s decision. He suggested that the bcci was taking the issue, which is causing a stir in Indian cricket, seriously.

However, after the bcci announced the appointment of rohit sharma as captain of India’s ODI team, various articles were circulating on social media about the gap between Rohit and Virat.
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However, Virat recently answered this question. He clarified that he had no dispute with Rohit. Rohit has announced that he is set to play an ODI series against South Africa.However, on this occasion, Kohli detonated another bomb. He made some interesting remarks that the news that bcci president Ganguly had approached him before leaving the post of ODI captain was false and that he informed me at the last minute about the removal of the post of captain of the ODI and that the bcci had not consulted him on the matter.



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