New Bomberman game released by Konami


If you love Bomberman – and a lot of people do – Konami has a new game to try that hasn’t just been announced recently, but has already been released. It’s called amazing bomber, and it’s a rhythm game where music plays a key role in the experience in terms of bomb placement and the sounds players will hear. It’s only available to play through Apple Arcade at the moment, but if you have an applicable subscription, you can start playing it right now.

The new Bomberman game was announced recently ahead of its Apple Arcade release on August 5 as part of the platform’s latest batch of games. A preview of the game offered via Apple has shared some ideas on what to expect.

“The strategic action series Bomberman has been blasting gamers since 1983, but never quite like this,” reads a teaser. “Place explosives around the mazes to open paths…and blast your opponents out of the arena. To play with up to three friends, create a room and share the ID with your friends. Achieve victory with bombs strewn across the battlefield? That’s a lot tougher.”

On the Bomberman page of the Konami site, we see more specific information about the game as well as videos to show players what a amazing bomber the experience looks like.

“Bomb placement and explosion sounds change with songs, and battle time also changes depending on the song,” explained an overview of the game’s features. “When the song gets exciting, blocks will drop and objects can appear when you break them with bombs.”

For Bomberman fans unfamiliar with Apple’s gaming service, Apple Arcade is a platform akin to something like Xbox Game Pass or the new PlayStation Plus levels that incorporate PlayStation Now elements. It’s different from the standard range of games offered through the App Store, but depending on how your existing subscriptions look, you might already have access to it.

amazing bomber is available to download now on mobile platforms via Apple Arcade.


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