MrBeast: YouTuber Creates TRUE “Squid Game” with Price of $ 465,000, “Irony” Shocks Internet



Hundreds of cash-strapped “Squid Game” fans recently competed for a cash prize of $ 456,000 in an actual replica of the dystopian Netflix series! MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson), a popular YouTuber with 76.4 million subscribers, said the elaborate recreation, in which 456 participants competed for the jackpot, cost him $ 3.5 million.

The remake incorporated the same Korean children’s games featured in “Squid Game,” including Red Light, Green Light, marbles, and tug-of-war, all of which were built into massive sets that took weeks to put together. However, unlike the tense drama, no contestant was injured.


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Players were rigged with motion detector explosives containing fake blood (YouTube)

Instead, players were equipped with “wireless bombs” with fake blood that would explode when a player was eliminated. Losing competitors in the tug of war and glass bridge competitions were thrown into a foam pit rather than falling to their death. However, true to the model, actual “Squid Game” competitors were shown shivering as they attempted to carve figures out of honeycombs in the “dalgona task”.

Jimmy Donaldson’s “Squid Game” reenactment isn’t the first time he’s done something like this on his YouTube channel. Donaldson is known for getting his fans online to take part in crazy challenges, for example one can take anything they want if they keep it in a confined space and much more.

MrBeast recreated the ‘Squid Game’ tasks (YouTube)

According to Forbes, the social media sensation was the second highest-paid YouTube personality in 2020, earning nearly $ 24 million and receiving more than 3 billion views. However, users blasted Donaldson for piecing together a game about the rich exploiting the poor for their macabre viewing pleasure in his most recent video. Others have pointed out the absurdity of Donaldson generating ad revenue by recreating a show that vehemently opposes capitalism.

One user commented on Twitter: “Totally impressed with the massive production and planning behind a YouTube video. Hollywood scale!” Another user complained, “So the irony is like utterly lost on you, isn’t it?” One person commented, “So when was the world record for the biggest budget for a YouTube video?”

Another user said: “The video was absolutely superb, it could have been watched for 2 more hours! Well done and congratulations to you and the rest of the phenomenal team!”



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