Mother and daughter injured in Russian bomb blast in Mykolaiv


This Ukrainian mother says she and her 15-year-old daughter were caught in a Russian cluster bomb blast as they returned home to the southern city of Mykolaiv.

“It’s fine for me, well, a little hurt, the memory will last a lifetime, that’s for sure,” Marina Andriyash told Euronews.

“My child is in a second hospital, she is having surgery again because her arm was sutured yesterday but her nerve is damaged. And today a doctor came and now she is having surgery again because her hand not well, it hurts more than we thought.”

Yet even in the hospital, Marina does not feel safe. A day after she and her daughter were injured, 15 cluster bombs exploded outside the building.

“We are peaceful people, we do not harm anyone,” said the chief doctor of the Mykolaiv hospital. “We are ready to help anyone who comes to our hospital. This is our main job. We have a large number of people coming to see us all the time.”

This desire to stay and help was taken up by Marina, who works in a registry office.

“There are also constantly people who need to register, who need to register children with us, and our families are created directly there.

“I marry the people and our soldiers who come to us.

“|I can’t leave my job, my country or my family, because it’s our life here, it’s our life, which is unfortunate.”


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