More leads emerge in Ludhiana bomb blast investigation: The Tribune India


Nitin Jain

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, December 25

While the deceased fired cop still remains the prime suspect, more vital leads have emerged in the ongoing investigation into the District Court complex bombing that left one dead and six injured here on Thursday, confirmed by senior officers.

The involvement of more than one person, a terrorist module, a pro-Khalistan connection and international ties were among the clues that were found during the two-day investigation into the high-intensity explosion that rocked statewide terror ahead of Assembly elections. due early next year, survey officials said.

“We are working on all leads and theories that emerge during the ongoing investigation and based on the technical evidence in hand, the arrests and interviews of other suspects in the case cannot be ruled out,” revealed police officials involved in the investigation. .

Although DGP Siddharth Chattopadhyaya claimed that the state police managed to solve the bomb blast case after identifying the deceased, Gagandeep Singh alias Gaggi of Khanna who was fired from the service of police after his arrest in a drug recovery case in August 2019, in less than 24 hours, the cause and nature of the explosion still remain unknown.

However, a post-blast investigation team from New Delhi’s NSG and state police forensic experts discovered during the preliminary investigation that a ‘high-intensity’ explosive had been used in the improvised explosive device (IED) following the recovery of aluminum particles and plastic shards from the body of the deceased.

Investigations so far have also revealed that the fired cop, who was due to appear in district court on Friday, a day after the explosion, in a drug recovery case, in which he had already served two years in prison and was currently out on bail, was assembling the IED himself when it exploded in a public restroom on the second floor of the court complex.

“The explosive material used in the IED was capable of causing maximum damage to lives and property, but since it exploded inside the toilets and the day attendance was less compared to normal days after the lawyers’ strike and the non-functioning of the two courtrooms located on the second floor, the damage caused remained minimal”, estimate the investigators.

Although the main remnants of the explosive material were washed away in running water from the pipeline which was damaged as a result of the explosion, forensic experts collected and sent for forensic examination whatever was available on the crime scene to help determine the exact material used. in the IED.

With investigations also hinting at pro-Khalistan involvement, the terrorist module and international links in the blast, the use of RDX in the IED was also not ruled out. “We are using several scientific methods to detect and measure the use of a military explosive in the blast by collecting samples of debris and remains from the blast site,” the officials said.

In addition to identifying the sub-trials with whom the deceased remained in contact inside and outside the prison, the police also prepared a list of close associates of the fired cop inside and outside the prison. outside the department to question them about their possible involvement in the case.

“Our first and foremost suspicion of the deceased’s involvement in the blast has only grown stronger based on the technical evidence gathered so far and further investigations are underway to uncover the involvement of other people and the reason for the explosion,” Police Commissioner Gurpreet Singh said. Bhullar, who was leading the state police investigation into the case, said.

Profile of the suspect

Last name: Gagandeep Singh aka Gaggi

Age: 29

Height: 5’11”

Address: House No: 405, Gali No: R/13, Mohalla Guru Teg Bahadur, Lalheri Road, Khanna

Filed: FIR 75, dated August 11, 2019, at STF, Phase 4, Mohali, under Sections 21 and 29 of the NDPS Act

Behind bars: From August 16, 2019 to September 7, 2021, at Ludhiana prison

Refloating: September 8, 2021


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