Miller Moss creates electric moment at USC spring game


The USC Trojans know Caleb Williams is their starting quarterback. They know Williams has to be their starting quarterback. They know they don’t want Miller Moss to play at critical times this season because that would mean Williams is injured or otherwise unavailable. Still, the Trojans need to see Moss’s progress in case the worst happens.

On Saturday, they saw progress in USC’s spring game.

Moss started slow, but he honed in after halftime, hitting receiver Kyle Ford for a perfect 48-yard touchdown strike.

Moss stood in the pocket and threw a manual. Ford, who struggled with injuries during his USC career but recovered to full health, shrugged off his man and located the ball, completing a fantastic play that left Los Angeles Coliseum fans on their feet .

Both Moss and Ford showed incredible patience and class at USC. They had to deal with complicated line-up situations and obvious disruptions that would make other athletes sulk and complain. Moss and Ford were the first team players to be respected by everyone in the locker room. It’s great to see them create such a wonderful time at USC.


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