McPixel 3, the game about stupid problem solving, is coming in November


McPixel 3 was the best demo I played at Steam Next Fest (opens in a new tab) which took place in February (although, full disclosure, I played it shortly before Next Fest started). It’s an absolutely bonkers collection of puzzles in which McPixel saves the day in surprisingly bizarre ways, like disarming a cruise missile by peeing on it, saving people from a car bomb by kicking a man in the nuts, or crashing barbecue and stuff bratwurst in his paintings. If that doesn’t seem to make sense, well, trust me, it doesn’t. On the contrary, trying to figure out what “makes sense” in this game is the surest way to go wrong.

The McPixel 3 demo was awesome, and now we have a release date for the full game, which will be coming to Steam (opens in a new tab) and GOG (opens in a new tab) November 14. The full version will have 100 levels with over 20 mini-games scattered amidst its surreal puzzles, over 1,500 interactive objects and “almost 1,000 hilarious gags”, although your mileage may vary on that front: I thought it It was a riot, but I also laugh at fart jokes and profanity, so take it for what it’s worth.

For those who aren’t quite sure where they fall on the “it’s (not) funny” spectrum, the launch trailer above offers a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect. Even better, the McPixel 3 demo is still available (opens in a new tab), so you can have some hands-on time if you want. The original McPixel, released in 2012, is also available for $5 on Steam (opens in a new tab) and (opens in a new tab). There’s No McPixel 2: Publisher Devolver Digital said it might reveal the truth about what happened to him when the new game goes live, but I bet it doesn’t.


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