Match Suspended: Team USA 48-21 Venezuela in FIBA ​​Americaup 2022 | 09/04/2022

14:49 2 hours ago


The second half between the United States and Venezuela will not be played. We will keep an eye on what happens.

14:44 2 hours ago

Last minute

The teams return to the field and if possible, the game could resume in 10 minutes.

14:39 2 hours ago


In 20 minutes more information will be provided on the state of the field and not only on this match between USA-VEN but also on two other matches to come.

14:34 2 hours ago


The game is temporarily suspended due to rain, as there are leaks in the stadium which could affect players.

14:29 2 hours ago



14:24 2 hours ago

2Q 00:49

The game restarts with two points from Zylan Cheatham.

14:19 3 hours ago


Due to a technical problem, the game is temporarily suspended.

14:14 3 hours ago

2Q 01:36

Miguel Bolivar finds space and gets the double.

14:09 3 hours ago

2Q 02:41

Craig Sword with a three-pointer to increase the lead and break the 40-point mark.

14:04 3 hours ago

2Q 05:22

Foul and account for Frank Mason, the United States are very dominant.

13:59 3 hours ago

2Q 06:39

Norris Cole with the float and the difference is almost 20.

13:54 3 hours ago

2Q 08:45

Now from the corner it’s Elijah Pemberton for the triple.

13:49 3 hours ago

2Q 09:38

The second half begins with Gary Clark’s triple.

13:44 3 hours ago



13:39 3 hours ago

1Q 01:15

Jodie Meeks from the corner with the triple to increase the lead.

13:34 3 hours ago

1Q 04:27

Jeremy Pargo with the bomb to add three more points.

13:29 3 hours ago

1Q 06:54

Stephen Zimmerman with the bunting to quickly take a 7-point lead.

13:24 3 hours ago

1Q 07:47

Craig Sword contributed two more points on a free throw.

13:19 4 hours ago

1Q 08:22

Corner’s Craig Sword scores the first triple of the game.

13:14 4 hours ago

1Q 09:30

Windi Graterol turns around and scores the first two points of the day.

13:09 4 hours ago


The match between the United States and Venezuela begins.

13:04 4 hours ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of activity between the United States and Venezuela.

12:59 4 hours ago

life or death

For USA this is a vital game because if they win they will depend on themselves to advance but if they lose they will put their passage in serious trouble even if they can beat the Panama on the last day.

12:54 4 hours ago

Last match Venezuela

Venezuela will close the group stage against Mexico at 11:40 a.m. (Mexico Central Time) and 12:40 p.m. (US Eastern Time).

12:49 4 hours ago

Last match United States

The United States will close the group stage against Panama at 3:40 p.m. (Mexico Central Time) and 4:40 p.m. (US Eastern Time).

12:44 PM4 hours ago

Group C

After this result, Mexico leads the sector with 2 victories; Venezuela has 1 victory; the United States has 1 loss and Panama is bottom with two losses.

12:39 PM4 hours ago

How’s the other game going?

Mexico trail Panama 65-60 with less than 30 seconds on the clock and appear to be on their way to their second victory of the tournament.

12:29 PM4 hours ago

Position yourself as a leader

Venezuela also want to make a splash and take advantage of the momentum of the United States, add their second victory and almost advance to the next round.

12:24 PM4 hours ago

For the first victory

Despite a good last quarter, the United States fell to Mexico, a surprising result since they were 6-point favorites in this game.

12:19 PM5 hours ago


The United States and Venezuela continue FIBA ​​Americaup 2022 activity on Sunday. We start with coverage of the match by VAVEL.

12:14 PM5 hours ago

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What time is the Team USA vs Venezuela game for FIBA ​​Americaup 2022?

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Background to the Team USA vs Venezuela match

11:59 5 hours ago

Venezuela key player

He played just under 30 minutes but his time on the pitch was effective and Jose Ascanio contributed 17 points which were essential in the win over the Panamanians on their Brazil debut.

11:49 5 hours ago

Venezuela: playing calmly

Venezuela, seeing that Mexico defeated the Stars and Stripes, already knows the formula to get the victory and will have to reproduce it, and will have to keep the same inertia of the game that it had against Panama, a team that it beat. 72-58, and dominated from start to finish.

11:44 5 hours ago

United States: getting back on track

Surprisingly, one of the favorites to win the 2022 FIBA ​​Americaup Championship, USA lost 73-67 to Mexico on Matchday 1, where one of the keys was the consistent turnovers they have suffered in attack as well as their erratic play in the end zone, especially in the three-point attempt, which they will have to straighten out this Sunday to avoid even more difficulties.

11:34 5 hours ago

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