Massive bomb explosion at Gurdwara Road, no casualties reported


Just a day after the Taliban marked 100 days of their rule, Afghanistan was hit by another ‘massive bomb’ explosion. The explosion took place on Thursday at Gurdwara Road, Karte Parwan in the country’s capital, Kabul. Notably, there are still 235 Hindus and Sikhs left in the Central Asian country.

A video shared by Akali Dal spokesman Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Twitter shows ambulances rushing to the scene. In his tweet, Sirsa also wrote that he had been informed by the Kabul Sangat that they were safe. However, he stressed that the situation in Afghanistan was “getting more dire day by day”.

Gurdwara Dashmesh Pita Targeted

Earlier on October 16, armed Islamic radicals from a “special unit” broke into the Gurdwara Dashmesh Pita at Karte Parwan in Kabul, Afghanistan. In a statement released later, Indian Global Forum Chairman Puneet Singh Chandhok said gunmen from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Special Unit entered the Gurudwara and “intimidated the community at the gurdwara. and abused the sanctity of the holy place,” ANI reported.

The heavily armed men not only forced their way into Gurdwara Dashmesh Pita in Karte Parwan but also threatened guards and worshippers. The men raided the premises and warned of dire consequences. “They not only raid the gurdwara, but also all the premises of the adjoining community school. The gurdwara security guards initially prevented them from entering, but they were also threatened with dire consequences and roughed up,” Chandhok said.

Image: MSIRSA/Twitter


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