Lockheed upgrades to latest Javelin missile production model


Lockheed Martin has converted its Javelin missile production to the latest model FGM-148F, Janes revealedciting company officials.

The FGM-148F is an upgrade of the FGM-148E, with a more lethal general-purpose warhead (MPWH) “against lightly armored targets and personnel,” the outlet wrote.

“The MPWH consists of the legacy tandem explosive anti-tank charges (precursor warhead and main charge), coupled with a natural fragmentation sleeve.”

Javelin FGM-148F, 148E

The 148F was developed as part of the U.S. Army’s Spiral 2 missile upgrade program, with trials beginning in 2016 and qualification approved two years later. The model entered production in 2019 with an initial batch of 511 missiles.

The 148E – developed under Spiral 1 – was introduced in 2006 and underwent its latest upgrade in 2017, replacing its analog control and actuation system with a single digital board.

The 148F and 148E use the Block 1 command launch unit, capable of hitting a target 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) away under most operating conditions. This is a 1.5 kilometer (0.93 mile) increase over missiles developed under the Block 0 series.

All new orders or follow-up orders from existing customers will receive the latest model.


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