Koh-Lanta 2022: A candidate indicted for manslaughter, production falls from above


Will this new season of “Koh-Lanta” again be marked by controversy like the previous one? Looks good for…

While the production of Koh Lanta and TF1 wanted this new season of the adventure show to make you forget the controversies that marked the previous one, it started very badly. Indeed, a candidate is already talked about a lot, and not for good reasons.

New season of Koh-Lanta @TF1

A candidate with a complicated judicial past

Once again, 24 candidates will fight to finish first in the adventure and thus win the check for €100,000 promised to the winner. 12 women and 12 men will compete this year in three separate teams according to The Parisian.

One of the selected adventurers is already making headlines following the revelations of the chained duck. As the new season of the show begins on February 22, 2022, this Tuesday, February 8, our colleagues dropped a real bomb.

A candidate, a 38-year-old fire commander, was indicted in 2016 for manslaughter along with six other of his colleagues. The investigation is underway for the one who officiated at the departmental fire and rescue service of Hérault.

The chained Duck clarified:

Justice suspects them of having given the troop inappropriate, sometimes contradictory orders, and provided insufficient training and obsolete equipment.

This alleged foul sequence would then have caused the death of a firefighter. Three others were injured during this intervention in the Gabian forest.

Production comes out of silence

It’s at here is that the production of Koh Lanta was kind enough to speak on this subject. The production was then not at all aware of this indictment.

We have not been informed of this indictment. The information concerning him was not public and is covered by the secrecy of the investigation. We have followed our selection processes which are regulated by law in order to respect the privacy of competitors. We ask applicants if there are any court convictions.

She then added:

François told us that he had not been convicted and sent us an extract from his criminal record. His indictment does not call into question these elements since he is at this stage of the procedure legally presumed innocent.

Here is a new controversy whose production of Koh Lanta following the All-Stars edition cheating affair.


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