JSM goes into series production



by Jeremy Binnie

The M-SAM consists of a multifunction radar (right), a command post (left) and several launchers (in the background). (DAPA)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Defense Ministry announced on November 16 its intention to acquire South Korea’s M-SAM air defense system.

He said in a tweet that M-SAM would be a “qualitative addition” to its existing air defense capabilities and that the deal could be worth up to $ 3.5 billion.

This will make UAE the number one export customer for M-SAM, also known as Cheongung.

It is a medium-range surface-to-air missile system that was developed to replace South Korea’s MIM-23 HAWK systems. A battery consists of a mobile multifunction radar manufactured by Hanwha Systems, a command post vehicle, and typically four launchers, each carrying eight vertical launch missiles in cartridges.

The Block II variant missile has improved maneuverability which grants it a “shoot to kill” ability against ballistic missiles.

The first Block II battery entered service with the South Korean Air Force in November 2020 and passed its final acceptance tests against aircraft and ballistic targets in July-August, according to the Program Administration. South Korea Defense Acquisition (DAPA).

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