Journalist killed in car bomb explosion in Hub



KARACHI: Local news channel reporter Shahid Zehri was killed on Sunday night when the explosion took place in a car in Hub, an industrial town in Balochistan connected to Karachi.

According to initial reports, the explosion took place in a car near the Hub police station on Sunday evening, in which Shahid Zehri was present with his colleague. Initially, the explosion was believed to have been caused by a locally made hand grenade, but later police and the bomb disposal team arrived to confirm that the explosion was caused by a bomb. However, CCTV footage has surfaced, suggesting that the magnetic bomb, attached to the journalist’s car, exploded.

Hub police said two victims of the blast were rushed to Hub Civilian Hospital, from where the seriously injured journalist was transferred to Karachi Civilian Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. .

Baluchistan’s separatist group the Baluch Liberation Army (BLA) via social media claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming the journalist was spying on them. The journalist’s funeral prayers will be offered in the Hub area today (Monday). The Federal Union of Pakistan Journalists (PFUJ), meanwhile, strongly condemned the targeted assassination of Shahid Zehri. In a statement, PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi, condemning the brutal act of targeted assassination of the journalist, called for the immediate arrest of the culprits.

The PFUJ leadership urged provincial and federal authorities to deal strictly with anti-media elements, who commit crimes against peaceful journalists, and to ensure the safety of the country’s media community. “The provincial and federal governments have failed to ensure the safety of journalists and media workers, which is alarming,” they said.



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