ISIS-linked man detained in UP’s Azamgarh for planning Independence Day bomb blast | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Counter Terrorism Squad (UPATS) on Tuesday arrested a Sabauddin Azmi (24) from Mubarakpur in Azamgarh for planning an IED explosion on Independence Day. The additional director general of police, law and order, Prashant Kumar, said Azmi was in contact with a Islamic State recruiter and subscribed to the official ISIS Telegram channel.
“We have received information about Azmi from our partner agencies that a person in Mubarakpur of Azamgarh district who is influenced by ISIS ideology through his associates is spreading jihadist ideology via WhatsApp and various social media apps. He also encourages others to join the banned terrorist organization,” Kumar said.
The accused was tracked and taken to the ATS headquarters in Lucknow for questioning, where after questioning and scanning his mobile data, it emerged that he had joined the Telegram channel ‘Al-Saqr Media’ set up by the banned terrorist organization ISIS to brainwash young Muslims for terror and jihad. The accused, Azmi, is also a member of the political group AIMIM, Kumar said.
The ADG said that during the investigation it also emerged that Azmi connected on Facebook with someone named Bilal in 2018. Bilal used to tell Azmi about the jihad and the actions taken against the Mujahid in Kashmir. Bilal gave the number of Musa alias Khattab Kashmiri who is a member of the Islamic State, following which he came into contact with the terrorist group in 2019.
“Regarding the plan to avenge the atrocities committed against the mujahideen in Kashmir, Musa gave the number of ISIS’s Abu Bakr al-Shami, who is currently in Syria,” Kumar said.
After contacting Abu Bakr al-Shami through social media, Azmi learned about the retaliatory action against the mujahideen, the formation of an Islamic organization in India like ISIS and also how to make IEDs.
“Shami told Azmi about the method and materials needed to make improvised explosive devices and asked Azmi to contact ISIS recruiter Abu Umar, who resides in Mauritania, an African country.
According to ATS, Azmi received training on hand grenades, bombs and IEDs from Abu Umar through social media apps. Following this, the mujahideen started working on the establishment plan Islamic State in India and to implement Islamic rule and Sharia law in India, the ATS said.
Azmi had created an email id in the name of RSS to mark RSS members for the target. ATS also recovered illegal weapons in its possession.

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