I Love Trouble was a tense production for Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts


Ironically, the film about two fearless journalists joining forces to uncover a massive scandal turned into one of Hollywood’s hottest storylines while filming. For months before its release, it was rumored that Nolte and Roberts were not getting along. At all. As in, they actively hated each other. There are plenty of examples of stars clashing on set, only to look like they’re madly in love on screen (eg Bogie and Bergman in “Casablanca”), but this wasn’t the case with “I Love Trouble”. According to a 1994 Los Angeles Times articlewho searched for people “involved in production”:

“They claim tempers flared from the start, peppered with a few tantrums from Roberts along the way. Roberts apparently wasn’t thrilled with Nolte’s machismo, so she would taunt and insult her co-star. Some on set claim he became so annoyed with her attitude that he would do things to agitate her even more.The discord was so intense, the sources say, that the two performed more for substitutes than the one for the other.

Some sources contradicted this, saying the real animosity was between the stars and the Shyer-Meyers team, which required several takes of improvised dialogue. Either way, it was clear the film didn’t work out as the high-energy twisted comedy the studio had hoped for, so as the release date approached, the studio marketed the film as a thriller a la Roberts’ previous blockbuster, “The Pelican Brief.” Meanwhile, the score composed by the great Elmer Bernstein was scrapped, forcing the very good but not Elmer-Bernstein Thomas Newman to step in and write brand new music at the last second (it happened so close to the release that many of the posters still carried Bernstein’s credit).


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