Gregg Popovich drops bomb on Stephen Curry’s game plan



San Francisco, California – When playing against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, you have to understand that you are not going to stop number 30. The only way to stop Curry is to stop himself. It’s a concept San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich understands.

On Saturday, the Spurs stole a game against the Warriors at home. Curry finished with a record 27 points but got off to a tough start. In the first half he was a shocking 1 in 11 on the pitch. During post-match talks, Popovich was asked about the defensive effort his team put on Curry.

“I thought we did right until he decided to do what he wanted to do and then he did what he wanted to do far better than anything we wanted to do. That’s who he is, ”Gregg Popovich told ClutchPoints. of the Warriors star.

After collecting only 10 points in the first half, the double MVP regained its rhythm in the second. He scored 17 points in the second half and even helped give the Warriors a lead late in the fourth quarter.

Once Curry started, there was nothing Spurs could do but hang on to their dear life. They did enough to secure a 112-107 victory even though they scored just 13 points in the fourth quarter. In basketball, it’s never about how you won. It all depends on who won. On Saturday night, coach Popovich finished first, and that’s all that matters.

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The loss brings the Warriors’ record to 19-4, and that’s good enough to tie the Phoenix Suns for the best NBA record. Next, the Warriors face off against the Orlando Magic as they attempt to secure their twentieth victory of the season.

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