Germany: 3 injured in the explosion of a mail bomb at Lidl headquarters | News | DW



Three people were injured on Wednesday in an explosion at an office building owned by German discount supermarket chain Lidl in Neckarsulm, a town in southwestern Germany.

The explosion was caused by a bomb in a letter or small package, a spokesperson for the local Heilbronn police told DW.

Around 100 people were evacuated as police evacuated the building following the explosion.

Rescue workers were at the scene, along with members of the state investigative police for more serious crimes.

What we know so far:

  • The explosion took place in an administrative building on Rötelstraße in Neckarsulm.
  • Police said two people were slightly injured. Another person was more seriously injured.
  • A sniffer dog was deployed to search the administration building.
  • A rescue helicopter was also deployed.
  • Local media reported that the explosion took place in a Lidl administration building. Police declined to comment on this.

Police evacuated around 100 people from the facility following an explosion

Lidl “shaken” by an incident

“We are deeply shaken by the incident and wish our colleagues a speedy and full recovery,” read a company statement.

What happens next?

Police spokesman said officers are now looking for the perpetrator (s).

Second consecutive explosion

On Tuesday there was an explosion at the ADM Wild beverage production plant in Eppelheim, on the edge of the city of Heidelberg.

Tuesday’s explosion was reportedly caused by a parcel bomb.

Eppelheim lies approximately 50 kilometers (approximately 30 miles) northwest of Neckarsulm. They are both located in the German Land of Baden-Württemberg.



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