Georgia vs. Alabama Halftime Ratings: National Championship Game


Dawgs Daily staff clear the Dawg’s Arkansas first half notebook. For live updates from the second half, click here.

They are fast hitters, meant to give you all the information you need and get you back to your game day activities.

  • Alabama comes out early with two points, one in the middle for a gain of two and an away one winning six. Bama continues to attack the edge with a flat pass to Slade Bolden for a first try.
  • Respecting the Georgian defense midfield, Alabama continues to attack the edge with screens and out throws.
  • On the first trip Georgia still gives cushion, not as close as last time
  • A costly game delay penalty costs Georgia a third and short, helping the Alabama defense off the field in Georgia’s first practice.
  • Georgia’s defense regularly brings in five or sometimes six rushers in the third downs, playing Alabama in men’s cover. A rush from Dean and Walker helps Georgia off the field during Alabama’s second possession.
  • Two consecutive calls force Georgia into a third and nine, no one to throw again as Bennett throws it.
  • Georgia takes her first shot from depth of the game to George Pickens and completes it to the star receiver.
  • Georgia shoots themselves in the foot with a penalty shootout.
  • Georgia hit a brick wall early in the game against Alabama’s top-seven inside. Georgia’s running game in its first three workouts does more damage than it helps
  • Cover exploded to seam of Georgia defense drops Bryce Young bomb 40 yards
  • Alabama training comes to a halt after Williams leaves the field, Georgia’s third-down pressure continues to affect Bryce Young and Alabama’s passing game. Georgia the mix where it came from, they’re going to get both backers in and out of the rim and vice versa.
  • Georgia’s penalties cost the Bulldogs yet another offensive possession.
  • Monken “eats his vegetables” by performing it regularly despite the lack of footage
  • Georgia is content to reduce its deficit by three points

Alabama leads 9-6 at halftime

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