“Genshin Impact” players examine the bombshell game and react to the “pathetic” birthday event



Genshin Impact The first anniversary event left many gamers dissatisfied and underappreciated, with the community turning to social media and the Google Play Store to express their frustration.

Genshin Impact is a free RPG that can be downloaded on PlayStation, PC and mobile devices. It’s mostly monetized through what’s known as “Gacha” mechanics, which basically means players can spend real money on randomly generated items (in this case weapons and characters).

The catch is, these rewards could be valuable or could be disappointments as well. In that sense, it’s quite similar to a loot box system that you might see in something like Monitoring, or even just a regular slot machine.

Genshin Impact initially launched on September 28, 2020 and since then it has been periodically supplemented with new content, series of events and rewards to retain its fan base. So it was speculated that a major update would be rolled out to coincide with the game’s first anniversary. However, players were ultimately disappointed with what they saw as a lackluster celebration.

‘Genshin Impact’ anniversary event disappoints fans

Developer miHoYo first revealed the details of the anniversary earlier in September and they were generally considered insufficient. Most of the events weren’t even in-game, but rather related to sharing fan art or cosplaying on social media. Meanwhile, quests that required you to log into Genshin Impact offered very little currency or significant rewards.

For example, the “The Unforgettable Journey” web event (which required players to watch a movie chronicling their own unique journey through the RPG so far) only offered attendees 40 primogems, which, for the context, is not much.

Gacha games are generally expected to be a bigger part of these celebrations and generously reward their loyal players for their attendance. Still, despite a vocal outcry from fans, didn’t revise any of its event awards when the anniversary finally arrived yesterday.

To express his disappointment, the Genshin Impact The community seems to have criticized the title on the Google Play Store.

In short, this means that several users have made a coordinated effort to give the game the lowest possible rating on the site, in order to lower its overall score. This has clearly been a success because, at the time of writing, Genshin Impact currently sits at a 2.3 / 5 rating because of this.

Genshin Impact players express frustration

Here are some of the strongest reactions to the online controversy.

In response to a message on Twitter from Genshin Impact Twitter account, @gensnstruggles mentions that the 40 primogen reward is a “pathetic” offer.

Meanwhile, @amielovestails is sharing a gif of Micky Mouse serving an insanely thin slice of bread, along with the caption “Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards”.

@RevivalOFPotara posted a screenshot of how Genshin Impact has been bombarded review on the Google Play Store. Likewise, @beliebubblejean points out that the latest upload on the official website Genshin Impact The YouTube channel was also bombarded with disgust.

@BulaloDasoup speculates that the Genshin Impact The Twitter account is apparently oblivious to the controversy, using the immortal “This Is Fine” meme.

On a related note, @kimmiesowon shares a quote from one of the characters in the game, imploring miHoYo to respond to growing criticism and connect with their fans.

@ aug1n3_rairu shares a meme of a disgruntled Squidward from Spongebob SquarePants to express their feelings on the anniversary event. Likewise, @emiyatea shared a meme from Gravity falls to express how “worthless” birthday rewards feel.

@Yuriisclumsy equates cosplay and fan art contests with miHoYo essentially asking fans to do promotional work for the game in exchange for minor rewards. This is a point that is also echoed by @ Elly8MT5, @ToyerToys and @RhithIce.

“Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards”
I’m sorry but, do you mean “promote us for free and in return get a trip of cookies”

Honestly, this anniversary, if you can even call it that, is going to be considered the greatest downfall of genshin or even of all Gachas. pic.twitter.com/ZKRTNAlnyd

– yuriisclumsy (@yuriisclumsy) September 29, 2021

Other users like @itsgalex compared unfavorably Genshin Impact to other Gacha games that have done more for their respective birthdays.

This isn’t the first time that miHoYo has been the subject of intense controversy online, as #BoycottGenshin was all the rage in April due to concerns about perceived racism and pedophile content in the game.

The image shows a keyart for “Genshin Impact”. His first anniversary event left many players unsatisfied.



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