‘Facilitators’ of Lahore attack arrested


LAHORE – Concerned authorities have apprehended two suspected facilitators of the Lahore bombing in the Ravi Road area.

Report of 24 News Citing sources, law enforcement has arrested two suspected facilitators of the Lahore bombing that killed three people, including a nine-year-old child near a busy entrance to the historic walled city.

The detained “facilitators” were moved to an unknown location for further questioning. Officials claim to catch the suspects using CCTV footage.

Earlier in the day, investigators shared the images of the suspected terrorists with NADRA for identification after completing the geo-fencing of the area.

Authorities also managed to obtain CCTV footage of the suspected terrorists and their animators carrying out reconnaissance of the area. Reports also claimed that the animators were in contact with each other at the time of the explosion.

Earlier, officials identified the terrorist who planted the bomb after recovering full footage of the explosion.

At least three people were killed and more than two dozen injured in an explosion at the bustling market in the provincial capital. Initial investigation showed a 1.5 kilogram improvised explosive device (IED) was planted in a motorbike parked next to a pushchair outside a bank, which was the cause of the blast .

The windows of nearby shops and buildings were shattered due to the explosion. The store caught fire after the blast, reducing it to ashes as forensic experts said a time device was used to detonate the bomb. The police official said the blast caused a 1.5ft deep hole in the ground, while the injured were transferred to Mayo Hospital.


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