Every weapon in the game, ranked from least to most useful


New Gotham Knights The video game is basically a superhero RPG with four characters representing different classes. As a result, each character has unique abilities as well as weapons to distinguish themselves in terms of combat, as well as make a big difference from the Batman: Arkham Games.

Each character wields a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and a weapon they can summon in battle via momentum abilities. Each of them offers something different in terms of visual flair as well as efficiency in the midst of battle, but some of them far surpass the others.


11/11 Nightwing Darts

This weapon is best used in co-op as it can be upgraded to heal and buff teammates. However, when soloing, Nightwing’s Dart Launcher is easily his weakest trait and weakest ranged weapon. Even customization of the wrist launcher turns out to be superfluous since the player will hardly ever see it.

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It’s fine for stunning enemies or dealing elemental damage to keep them from firing their own weapons at long range, but Nightwing is better off using his melee attacks, dodges, and momentum abilities. This shows that Nightwing can be a powerful support class for the online part of Gotham Knights.

10/11 Robin’s Slingshot

Until the player levels Robin, his slingshot doesn’t turn out to be all that special, other than a clever reimagining of a classic Robin weapon. But with the right upgrades in Robin’s skill trees, Tim can unleash more elemental damage as well as sticky bombs that can deal massive physical damage.

Similar to Nightwing, the customization is barely noticeable but still better as the slingshot becomes more visible in Precision Aim mode. Although it doesn’t have the best base damage, it can be much more effective in combat if used correctly.

September 11th Batgirl Batarangs

With more damage than other ranged weapons, Batgirl can throw batarangs like Batman could in the Batman: Arkham Games. Barbara is equipped with an unlimited amount and single-handedly can strip half of an opponent’s health.

Visual changes via customization are also welcome since batarangs are visible most of the time. She can hit multiple enemies at once with her long-range attack, and with her skill tree upgrades, batarangs can deal even more damage.

8/11 Red Hood’s Portable Turret

How this Red Hood AKA Jason Todd would summon another gun into battle to lend him a hand. Red Hood can spawn and place a turret to give him a hand with groups of enemies. It’s powerful and gets the job done, which makes it especially useful when soloing.

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The only downside is that unlike other summonable weapons, Red Hood’s turret is stationary, requiring the player to choose wisely when placing it. Other than that, the turret is still a fun toy for Red Hood to own.

7/11 Nightwing’s Escrima Staffs

Although Dick Grayson AKA the original Robin, is adept in many forms of combat and weaponry, his go-to as Nightwing is Escrima sticks. They are a great example of something simple yet effective and that is certainly the case in Gotham Knights.

With the Escrima, Nightwing can land powerful close-range attacks, but also send a long-range attack from below to stun, freeze, burn, or any other elemental effect that deals damage. Combined with visually appealing customization options and Dick Grayson’s flashy animations, Escrima sticks are sure to please everyone.

6/11 Batgirl’s Drone

This ability is exactly what it sounds like, Barbara Gordon embraces her Oracle skills and is able to summon a drone to fight alongside her. Not only does this distract and damage enemies, but if done correctly, the drone can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

The best part about the drone is that it flies all over the battlefield, attacking enemies near and far from Batgirl. Similar to Red Hood’s Turret, this is a good solution for solo players who are overwhelmed by the surprisingly difficult enemies in Gotham Knights.

5/11 Nightwing Nest

Continuing to show that Nightwing is the support class of the four, Dick can drop a weapon on the ground called Nest as one of his best abilities. Any enemies trapped within his aura will succumb to damage while Nightwing and his co-op partner are healed.

The Nest is an offensive and defensive tool, especially when knights are low on health and health packs. It might not last long, but it could be the difference between life and death, especially with tougher enemies like the Court Of Owls.

4/11 Robin’s microbots

With Tim Drake being the most tech-savvy Robin, the Microbots ability suits him rather well as a character. It’s surprising how deadly these machines are since Tim can send out several of them that attack multiple enemies at once.

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This weapon is best retained when Robin is low on health and overwhelmed by enemies. The player can even upgrade Microbots from three to five, allowing for better crowd control while Robin fights off unaffected enemies.

3/11 Robin’s Staff

The visual details of Robin’s staff are half-amusing as the devs went so far as to animate the staff bending and curving when Tim rams it with enemy heads or uses it to launch attacks on its own. . Small details like that go a long way, especially with the different staff looks.

It might not be the most damaging weapon in the game, but the staff makes up for it by dealing a good amount of damage per second with its attacks. Staff are also featured in several of Robin’s Momentum abilities which are not only visually impressive but also deal satisfying damage.

2/11 Tonfa from Batgirl

Befitting her father being the late but great Jim Gordon, Batgirl wields Tonfa (otherwise known as batons) as she dispenses justice. Technically, Batgirl uses two weapons in one, because if timed right, the Tonfa will split into a powerful nunchaku, giving her attacks even more flair.

Players will be surprised that Batgirl’s combat is much heavier than they think. This is far from a bad thing; if considered a typical RPG, Batgirl’s combat makes her the equivalent of a warrior class with powerful attacks, including her Momentum abilities with the weapon.

1/11 Red Hood’s Twin Pistols

Jason Todd’s signature style allows him to have his ranged weapon and melee weapon in one (or two in this case) along with his dual pistols. Gotham Knights gives Red Hood a gun-kata form which allows him to land big hits with the body of his weapons for slower attacks since he is definitely a tank.

To compensate for this, Red Hood can quickly fire his weapons using the ranged attack button. It also makes for a great defense, as a single button can stop an enemy from attacking Jason from behind. Customization allows weapons to take on many detailed shapes, and his weapons’ Momentum abilities allow for satisfying finishing moves.

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