Dying Light 2 Stay Human: How to Play Drinking Game at Danior’s Party During Welcome On Board


If you want to play a game of truth or dare drinking with Lawan in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you should attend Danior’s party during the Welcome On Board story quest. It doesn’t impact the story and you don’t get any rewards for it, but it does add a bit of extra roleplay to this roleplaying game. It doesn’t matter if you’re telling the truth or taking risks; you won’t be able to romance Lawan. If you’re interested in romance, go find Thalia and do the Book Club quests.

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Here are the different questions and answers of the drinking game:

Question: Did you sleep with anyone in Villedor?

If you answer the truth, Rowe and Lawan will tease you a bit, and Lawan will drink. If you’re drinking, some dialogue is slightly different, but basically the same things happen.

Question: I dare you to ask Rowe to sing. It’s horrible.

If you ask Rowe to sing, he will sing a song called You are my Ragamuffin, and it will indeed be quite bad. If you ask what he did before all this, Lawan will agree, Rowe will tell you a tragic story, and the two will drink.

Question: Shut up, Rowe. It’s not your turn.

If you ask Lawan how the Hit List started, she’ll tell you about her past, then go to bed in a bad mood. If you ask her what she did after escaping Waltz, you get almost the same answer and the same result. Anyway, Rowe says you asked the wrong question.

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All that remains is to talk to Danior, who insists that Lawan should never be asked about his past, which completes the objective.


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