Disney + Early Rollout includes a “Double F-Bomb” movie


A Disney + subscriber in the Netherlands confirmed that both uses of the F-bomb weren’t censored in 1987’s Adventures in Babysitting.

The Walt Disney Company may be relegating its more adult-oriented content to Hulu, but it looks like Disney + will at least include one movie featuring not one but two uses of the F-Bomb.

The next streaming service is currently available on a trial basis in the Netherlands, and when Eric Goldman of Fandom learned the years 1987 Baby-sitting adventures was among the films on offer, he took to Twitter to see if anyone could confirm whether the two curses were being censored.

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“Many thanks to @ swaber87, based in the Netherlands, who went out of their way to check out Disney + and get me an answer!” he tweeted. “At least currently, Baby-sitting adventures is uncensored. Confirmed: Disney + is authorizing a double F-Bomb movie! ”The helpful Twitter user also confirmed that all occurrences of the word“ slut ”remained in the movie and that although it was rated 6 (not recommended for children under the age of six), he “has a tongue warning.”

Baby-sitting adventures (rated PG-13 in the US) focuses on a young babysitter (Elisabeth Shue) who has to cross town after being stranded there with the children she is responsible for looking after. The movie was remade in TV movie in 2016, premiered on Disney Channel as the 100th Disney Channel Original Film. Both versions are expected to be on Disney + when it officially launches, although it remains to be seen if the original is censored in the United States.

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Disney + will launch on November 12.

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