delayed bombing, 4 killed

The explosion occurred during the digging of a tunnel in Munich.
Four people are injured in the explosion of a bomb believed to be from World War II in Germany.
One of them is in serious condition.
The suicide bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded Munich train station. An excavator reversed the force of the explosion.
The explosion occurred during the digging of a tunnel.
The bomb, which weighed 250 kilograms, exploded. rail services were disrupted following the explosion.
Seventy years after World War II, bombs were still widespread in Germany.
The Guardian reports that at least 2,000 tonnes of active bombs are discovered each year.

During the war, Anglo-American warplanes dropped 1.5 million tons of bombs on the country. Six million people lost their lives in the explosions.
About 15% of the bombs failed to explode, according to official figures.
Some of them are hidden up to a depth of twenty feet. some are untraceable so far.

Three explosives officers in Goettingen were killed in 2010 while preparing to defuse a 1,000 pound bomb, and in 2014 a construction worker in Euskirchen was killed by a 4,000 pound bomb.
In 1994, in a similar accident, three Berlin construction workers were killed.
In 2012, 17 buildings were damaged with high explosives when authorities had to detonate a deteriorated 500-pound bomb, and in 2015 a 1,000-pound bomb ripped a three-meter-deep hole in a highway in central Germany.


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