Capitol Police extend winning streak by beating lawmakers at Congressional football game


Capitol Police defeated a team of lawmakers in the 13th annual Congressional football game on Wednesday, extending their winning streak with back-to-back wins in the friendly rivalry.

The game, which featured the Mean Machine, a group of bipartisan congressional lawmakers, and the Guards, a team of Capitol police officers, took place at Audi Field in Washington, with the Guards winning for a second consecutive year, this time by a final score. from 19-8.

The rivalry has been one-sided to say the least, with the Mean Machines’ first and only win in the series coming in 2019. Despite the poor record, lawmakers were still confident they could pull off a win this year.

“We’re going to go the long pass and get past them every lap,” rep Jake Ellzey (R-Texas) said in the pregame. “You know we are faster than them.”

Whatever hope the Mean Machine had in the game was quickly dispelled when quarterback Robert Dold, a former Republican congressman from Illinois, struggled to move the ball against the Guards defense, which forced three interceptions in the first half.

On the other side of the ball for the Guards, quarterback Reggie Tyson, a former Elon University quarterback from 1993-1998, managed to connect with teammates Mike Lee and David Bailey in the end zone en route to the Guards taking a 13-0. lead at halftime.

The Mean Machine would score the first points of the second half as his coach and former NFL linebacker Ken Harvey sacked Tyson in the end zone for a third quarter safety.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the Mean Machine showed signs of life as they tried to rally, driving the ball deep into the red zone in a 13-2 game. However, the Guards defense proved too stifling and were able to force a turnover on downs from inside the 10 with their backs against the goal line.

The drive that followed for guards, Tyson delivered the dagger completing a bomb on the left sideline to former University of Maryland wide receiver Alexander Fletcher for six. As time ticked away in the fourth, Dold was able to connect on a long hit to Mean Machine coach and former NFL defensive back John Booty for a touchdown, making the final score a further loss. respectable 19-8 for the Mean Machine.

Booty said he was disappointed with the results and to add insult to injury he also said he injured himself on the late touchdown for the Mean Machine in the loss.

“Man, I pulled my hamstring, it hurts, my ego hurts,” Booty said. “My ego hurts. I thought we were going to do a lot better than we did, but that’s for the cause, isn’t it?”

The game benefits the Capitol Police Memorial Fund, which was launched in 1998 and provides financial support to the families of officers seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. This year’s game generated over $400,000 for this organization and several other charities through corporate sponsorships, ticket sales and fundraising.

David Bailey, who scored a touchdown in this year’s game, was one of the officers shot defending Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) in an active shooter incident during baseball practice of Congress in 2017. Bailey said that following the incident the Capitol Police Fund assisted him and his family.

“It helps us a lot because a lot of us aren’t used to being away from work for so long,” Bailey said. “The memorial fund really helps us and our families, like it helped my family, it helped my mother when I was gone.”


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