Brutal bomb explosion: 2 inmates



Police arrested two people in connection with the raw bomb explosion in Chathanad in Alappuzha on November 18 which left one dead.

Those arrested were identified as Jolly, 39, from Vettukad in Thiruvananthapuram and his assistant Jinoy, 24, from Pathirappally in Alappuzha. They were caught at Pathirappally.

Police say Le Kannan (Arunkumar), 30, from Thondankulangara died when a bomb in his possession exploded. Police say the bomb that killed Kannan was made by Jolly. Jinoy was arrested for helping Jolly go into hiding.

“Jolly is accused in 20 criminal cases registered in various police stations. A week before Kannan’s death in a bomb explosion, Jolly, after being involved in the rape of an underage girl, went into hiding at an Omanapuzha resort in Alappuzha. There he received all the help of Kannan and his associates. Kannan’s friendship with Jolly dates back to their time together in prison. Jolly made the bomb according to Kannan’s instructions to eliminate his enemies, ”a police statement said.

After Kannan’s death, police seized a homemade bomb last week from the home of Rahul Radhakrishan, a friend who has become an enemy of Kannan. Police arrested Radhakrishnan and Shijo Antony in connection with the seizure. Like Kannan, Radhakrishnan also knows Jolly.

Kannan’s relatives had previously alleged that he died when members of the rival gang bombed him.



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